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Molly, a One Voice Yellowstone ambassador, showcased her artistic brilliance as one of the Artistic Directors. In this role, Molly was in charge of choreographing and setting formations for the performance pieces, displaying not only her creative talent but also her leadership and organizational skills. 


Trip Highlight

"Wolf Morning"

A highlight of Molly's involvement was the unforgettable "Wolf Morning," where stories from Rick Mcintire about the pack of grey wolves in Yellowstone resonated with the team.


One Voice town hall

Molly, as an artistic director, dazzled the audience with her choreography at the One Voice Town Hall with her fellow ambassadors

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Gafenier High school

Hitting the road and preparing for the performance at Garfenier High School with Aidan, Sam, Lauren, and Sarah.



Molly, April, and Sarah experiencing the exciting opportunity to pose for an EPI ad set to promote them in Missoula.

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