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Lance, in his role as an Artistic Director, passionately fosters artistic connections and collaboration within the One Voice community. His dedication extends beyond the stage, as he actively engages with ambassadors, forging meaningful bonds that enrich the cultural tapestry of their endeavors. 

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Service project

Bison Management Team

Lance and Mr. Pollard hard at work, carrying materials for a research project led by the Bison Management Team. They're making sure everything is ready for the team's investigation.


One Voice town hall

Lance discusses the significance of connection while also shedding light on his responsibilities as an Artistic Director within the One Voice Town Hall.

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Sight Seeing

"Wolf Morning"

Lance, Aidan, and Gianna look on as wolf enthusiasts locate a pack of wolves, guided by the steady hand of expert Rick Mcintire.


Snowy Mischief

Sporting a cheerful smile, Lance readies himself to launch a snowball — an uncommon occurrence in Sacramento.

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